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Flash presentations and flash content is becoming a widely used form of interactive and powerful tool for almost any website.

  • The primary problem with flash is that it can't be indexed by search egines. This means that it is not a very good idea to make a site entirely out of flash, unless it is already well established.
  • However, full fledged flash websites can be a great way to catch your customers eye. Websites that we recommend this for are ones such as or other already established websites.
  • One main use for flash presentations is games such as pimpkane where you have your own profile or crew videos.
  • These can be very intrikite such as wwp's crew intro, or it could just be something as simple as ur name with a background and music playing... We offer solutions from the simplest to as complicated as you want to get...

Our site uses a flash header, at the top of the page. However, most of the site isn't made fully of flash but still can intrigue people to visit. Most of the people who come to your site are going to be intrested in the content or products you are selling not how hightech your site is.

For a wide range of presentations that we have made go here.

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