Shopping Information
Shopping Cart - How to Use
1. Browse our pages.
2. When you find an item you like:
     . Click on the Add to Cart button
3. You may view your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the View Cart button:
     . To change quantities, type in the new quantity
     . To delete an item, change quantity to zero
     . Click on the Update button when done
     . Click on the Continue Shopping button one or more times to return to your page of interest

Checking Out - How to

1. Click on the View Cart button
2. Click on the Checkout button
3. On Login, Register page:
     . For existing customer, type in user name, user password, click Login button
     . For new customer, type in minimal registration info, click Register button
4. Select payment method:
     . Pay with money order
     . Pay with a credit card, bank card, debit card using PayPal
     . Pay with my PayPal account
5. On Confirmation page:
     . Review the info for correctness, click Confirm Order button
6. On the Thank You Order page:
     . Print the order page for your records
     . If payment method selected is money order:
       . Include a copy of the printed order page with your money order
       . Make money order payable to:
         . Tiernan & Tama Inc.
       . Send order to:
         . Tiernan & Tama Inc.
         . 222 Clinton Ct.
         . Wheaton, IL. 60187
       . Keep in mind, all of this information will appear on the Thank You Order page
     . If payment method selected is credit card, bank card, debit card, or PayPal account:
       . Click on the PayPal Verified button. You will be transfered to a secure PayPal E-Commerce          Server.
       . After completing the order or canceling the order on the PayPal E-Commerice Server, you will          return to this website.
7. Orders entered by the customer without confirmation of payment will be deleted after 10 business      days.
8. Orders that have been canceled will be deleted after 10 business days.
9. Free Shipping & Handling.
10. 5% Discount on orders of 10 or more

Checking the Status of Your Order(s) - How to

1. On the Home Page:
     . Click on the Login to View Order Status link.
     . Type in your username and password, click the Login button.
     . The View Orders page will appear.
     . Order status is the column on the right-hand side of web page.
     . When the product is shipped, the order status will be changed to shipped.